Comparison Of Weapons And Strength Of India & Pakistan, Which Country Is Stronger?

The nation was heartbroken and tears were unstoppable as the day of love turned into the most tragic one, when in the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir more than forty CRPF Jawans were martyred.

After the incident a video surfaced where Pakistan based militant group Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) claimed responsibility of this shameful act. The car carrying more than 350kgs of explosives rammed into the CRPF convoy taking lives of so many.

After almost two weeks of this incident, Indian Air Force (IEF) avenged our Pulwama martyrs. IEF carried out one of the biggest air raids on Pakistan. More than twelve of our Mirage 2000 fighter jets dropped 1,000 kg bombs on the militant camps across the Line Of Control.

On Tuesday, when the world was sleeping, at around 3:30 in the morning, IEF crossed the LOC and destroyed Jaish-e-Mohammad’s training camps and launch pads. They even claimed to have destroyed camps of Lashkar-e-Taiba and Hizbul Mujahideen.

Foreign Minister Vijay Gokhale was the first to confirm this news where India strike one of the biggest JeM camp in Balakot. Though according to Pakistan government there were no reported casualties as they themselves were downplaying the incident and claimed retaliation soon.

This recent incident almost confirmed war between the two nations and in turn raising fears how will it be when nuclear armed two South Asian countries goes against one another.

Let us compare the military status of the two. We went into war previously also over Kashmir since 1947.

Missiles and Nuclear Weapons

Both of the nations own nuclear weapons. According to the Center for Strategic and International sciences (CSIS) India has nine types of missiles including Agni-3. While Pakistan has mobile short and medium range weapons including The Shaheen 2 which can go upto 2,000 Km.Even Pakistan has more than 140 nuclear warheads whereas India has 130.

Air Force

India’s air force is larger than that of Pakistan with 127,200 personnel and 814 aircraft. Whereas Pakistan has 425 combat aircraft including the F-7PG of Chinese origin and American f-16 Fighting Falcon Jets.


India has 1.2 million army personnel with 3,100 infantry fighting vehicles, 3,565 battle tanks and 9,719 pieces of artillery compared to Pakistan’s 560,000 troops backed by 4,472 artillery guns and 375 self propelled howitzer. Despite great numbers India is inadequate in terms of logistics and ammunition.


India has 16 submarines, 13 frigates, 75 combat capable aircraft, 14 destroyers and 106 patrol with 67,700 personnel.Pakistan has 17 patrol and coastal vessels,8 submarines, 9 frigates and 8 combat capable aircraft.

In 2018 itself India has allocated 2.1 percent of its GDP that is four trillion rupees to support its indomitable 1.4 million active troops. Whereas, last year Pakistan spent 3.6 percent of its GDP that is 1.26 trillion rupees to its 653,800 active troops.

So, we have to think and think to understand what will be the ultimate consequence if two nations with almost equal nuclear power goes into war.


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This Meerut Groom Stopped Baaraat To Salute The Funeral Procession Of Martyr. Twitterati Loved It

India just avenged the Pulwama incidents by destroying the major terrorist camps in Pakistan with the help of IAF in the wee hours of Tuesday. The attack ended up killing 200-300 terrorists which has sent a wave of joy among the people.

However, this is not it. It’s not just government which respects the blood of the soldiers, Indian population has also proved that they respect their soldiers more than anything.

Just recently we told you how a beggar woman donated her life savings to the families of martyrs and then a UP school principal sold her bangles and donated money to the families of martyrs.

Now there’s something which will make you proud yet again. A Meerut groom stopped his baaraat, dismounted the horse to salute the funeral procession of the soldier, Sepoy Ajay Kumar. A picture is going viral on the social media which shows the man saluting the procession and is getting great reactions from public. Have a look-

You can also check the pic below:

Here’s how people reacted to the pic-







Isn’t it amazing?


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Vicky Kaushal Responds To Indian Air Strike To Avenge Pulwama Incident. You Will Love His Tweet

Indian government finally avenged the Pulwama attacks as IAF banged Pakistani terrorist camps with 1000 KG bombs on Tuesday midnight. It was reported that the attack destroyed major launchpads of JeM and also their plans but didn’t cause harm any civilian harm.

Soon after the attacks, social media was flooded with congratulatory tweets and posts from people all over the nation. Bollywood celebs also came out and expressed their happiness.

Recent blockbuster Uri’s actor, Vicky Kaushal also took to Twitter and gave his reaction. The handsome and talented actor tweeted-

Salute to the #IndianAirForce and our Intelligence Department. #IndianStrikesBack . Jai Hind ??

It’s indeed a moment of celebration for the whole nation and a strong message to terrorists. This is a new India. It won’t stay silent and will give a strong reaction to any kind of provocation.


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A Man Tweeted To Shah Rukh Khan For Almost 143 Days. He Finally Responded.

Bollywood stars have a separate fan base altogether, they are even worshiped by their fans and enjoy super stardom. When we are speaking of stardom and gigantic fan following, we can’t miss our King Khan, who has been ruling our hearts since many years now.

With over 25 million followers on Twitter, the Badshah of Bollywood is one of the most followed Indian celebrity on the social media.Shah Rukh Khan has a very significant fan following all over the world. His gigantic filmography and humble gestures made him the best.

For his fans he is an emotion, the best person who epitomizes hope and global domination. Maybe you are not a fan or is too cynical to even appreciate him but his presence won’t let you ignore him. He is an icon for millions of people around the world.

Now, since meeting King Khan is a dream come true for his fans it isn’t very easy either. Fans wait outside his house, especially on his birthday to get a glimpse of him. Even some keeps messaging or tweeting him with the hope that he will reply someday.

This happened with one of his fan. Twitter user @amritkaran tweeted Shah Rukh Khan for 142 days in order to get a response, so that his brother Raju can get to meet him, he is suffering from Cerebral Palsy.






And then he posted a video which caught our King Khan’s attention.

Shah Rukh Khan responded! Yes you read that right. He himself tweeted back in his usual humble and caring way and promised that he will try to meet them soon.

Dreams do come true, if you believe in them. We respect his busy schedule and hope that he meets them soon.


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Ali Fazal’s Private Photos Leaked Online. Posts An Explanation.

Actor Ali Fazal, known for his roles in Fukrey, Victoria and Abdul and crime web series Mirzapur, recently created headlines not for his work but due to an unfortunate incident which left him very disturbed.

Recently his private pictures got leaked online and went viral instantly. Social media is one such platform where virality is not limited to any particular thing or topic, it may take any shape or forms to attract virtual attention.

Though the pictures were pulled down immediately and is available in no other websites, the actor took to his social media accounts to show how distasteful and cheap the act was.

The actor is visibly upset and clearly disappointed over this media leak. Confirming it was him, Ali said that he holds no explanation to anything for anyone, especially towards the media. He said this is a very private matter.

Ali strongly condemned this cheap act of invading one’s privacy and even confessed that he is clueless that how these private pictures made their way into the social media.

He further added that though he is upset and disappointed but he will never let go of the hackers, who are responsible for this leak. He assured his fans that he will surely get into the bottom of this shameful incident.


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Alia Bhatt Dances On Zingaat Song At Her BFF’s Wedding. Video Is A Must Watch

Alia Bhatt is one of the most successful Bollywood stars of current age. Her last films Gully Boy and Raazi have proved to be huge successes which makes her stand among the Top heroines of Bollywood. The talented and pretty actress now has an interesting lineup of films like Kalank, Brahmastra and Takht.

Amidst her busy schedule, Alia found time to attend the pre-wedding and wedding celebrations of her BFF in Delhi. While she attended the celebrations, many of her beautiful pictures and videos along with couple and friends squad have gone viral on social media.

A video is doing rounds on the social media in which Alia along with her gang is dancing on the Zingaat song. The way a carefree Alia is dancing and enjoying at her BFF’s wedding is just like any of us and that makes us love her even more. Watch the video:

Click Here to watch the video on Instagram.

Isn’t she amazing?


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Mumbai Police Posted Tweet Inspired By Oscar Winner Indian Film ‘Period’, Netizens love it

Oscar 2019 was an outstanding ceremony to witness. Hollywood came together to appreciate and honor the best of this year. This year the ceremony was without a host but was with much more glitz and glamour and faithful appreciation for the most brilliant.

After, a short 25 minute documentary by Iranian-American director Rayka Zehtabchi won an Oscar in the Best Short Documentary category, people were astounded. Especially people from India was ecstatic.This documentary, Period.End of a Sentence produced by Guneet Mongna was set in India’s Uttar Pradesh. It deals how rural women are dealing everyday with conventional menstrual taboos.

So,the Mumbai City Police understood the significance of this achievement and altered the film’s poster to suite their own view of suggesting how they are working for the city people. Here check their tweet out.

Mumbai city people promptly accepted the tweet and appreciated the hard work by their city police. Many offered suggestions and praised the works that the various departments have been doing. They even lauded the social media team, handling Mumbai City Police’s Twitter Account.













So, what are your views on this?


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This Victoria’s Secret Model Suffered From An Epic Wardrobe Malfunction At The Vanity Fair Party.

Hollywood stars are best known for their films, the faithful portrayal of characters they chose to play and the whole process of film making which is outstanding and applauded by all.

Now, this year the 91st Academy Awards was star studded besides honoring the best of the best in every prominent category.Starting from Lady Gaga to Kendell Jenner,everyone was dazzling in their own prominent selves.

Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik was no exception. She turned heads over, the minute she stepped on the Red Carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscar party,wearing a golden dazzling high thigh slit gown.

Wearing one of the best, Shanina Shaik was stunningly glamorous and was elegantly posing around. This 28 year old Australian model was giving various twists and turns for the photographers to get the best of her pictures.

She was confident and carried her corseted gown with immense ease. Her look was exquisitely elegant and was very different from her usual looks of wearing tiny getups.

Shanina stunned everyone as she came to attend the event in style and ease, posing along with her dazzling fame and gown. But, maybe she was not that lucky, as her glamorous look was shunned by a massive wardrobe malfunction.

As she was turning and posing,boastfully displaying her slashed leg, her topless top gave away her stunning outlook, as her corseted gown suffered a dramatic malfunction and gave away way too much with a flash of her bare chest.

Her dress almost came off and we understood that the structured top was misfitted. While she was already on everyone’s best dressed list, her gown gave away much more than expected.


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Kareena Kapoor Khan Breaks Her Silence On Amrita Singh, Reveals Details Of Their Equation.

One of the most popular chat show, Koffee With Karan came to an end with this season’s last episode being one of the most talked about.Filmmaker Karan Johar made sure he keeps the best for the last.

The last episode saw two of the most gorgeous actresses sharing that infamous couch. Our desi girl turned pardesi bahu, Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor Khan came together after a very long time to grace the coffee couch.

Now we all know that this show is famous not only because of it’s host but also how controversial headlines are often created because of it. The show brings in a lot of revelations every season.

Intimate and close friendships between exes is quite common in the Bollywood industry. We have seen a multiple time how people get back together and maintains a thorough professional relationship, although they were somewhat related in their past.

In the last episode Kareena Kapoor Khan revealed something so surprising that even Karan could not believe it. When asked that how she balances things with Amrita since she is Saif’s ex wife, Kareena gave a shocking reply.

She readily replied that she respects her very much but they never met. To this Karan surprisingly asked that how come she never met Amrita although she shares a lovely bond with Sara and Ibrahim.

Bebo clarified that she met Saif many years after he got divorced. So she was neither in between anyone nor anyone was between them. So when she started dating him, he was very much single. Really this explains a lot.

Earlier also in many interviews she clarified how comfortable she is with Saif’s children. She even said that she is not their second mother, she is their friend and will always be there for them in times of need and will celebrate their happiness as well.

Sara also said how her mother dressed them up for their father’s wedding and has always encouraged a healthy relationship between all. Kareena confessed that Amrita is an amazing mother who brought up her children spectacularly.

So, don’t you think this is one of the best instances of a happy and healthy relationship?


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