Wing Commander Abhinandan’s Latest Video From Pakistan Will Win Your Heart. Must Watch

We recently reported you how Indian government has confirmed that one of the IAF pilot has been missing from action. Pakistan government also claimed that IAF Pilot and Wing Commander Abhinandan is under their custody. At the same time, several hashtags are trending on Twitter which are asking the government to bring back Abhinandan in good health.

A video has surfaced on the social media in which WC Abhinandan tells on the record that he has been treated very well by the Pakistan Army guys. While drinking a cup of tea, he also says that they looked after him very well and are thorough gentlemen. As per Abhinandan, Pakistan Army guys also saved him from the mob.

At the same time, Abhinandan refuses to give the answers to a few questions asked to him by a Pak official. Being a true India army man he says that he is not supposed to share these details. Watch the video below:

Click Here to watch the video on Twitter

Well, we just hope our Jawan comes back to the country safe and sound.


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Imran Khan Takes A Soft Stand. Says They Are Ready To Talk About Terrorist, War Should Be Avoided

The tension between India and Pakistan has further heightened today as both countries continued their actions. After IAF’s airstrike on Pakistan’s terrorist camps, Pakistani fighter jets were detected in the country and were soon taken down by the force.

Pakistan also claimed to have attacked the IAF planes and said that it has taken two Indian pilots into custody. Amidst all this, there were reports that war can take place between two countries and hence high alert was announced in both India and Pakistan.

However, Pakistan PM Imran Khan has come out and has taken a soft stand saying that the situation of war should be avoided.

Imran Khan said that if war takes place it would not be in my or Narendra Modi’s control. He also said that they are ready to talk on the topic of terrorism and both countries should sit and talk.

Imran Khan further said that all the wars in world history have been miscalculated and asked if India or Pakistan can afford miscalculation with the weapons both of them have.

What do you think? Is war a solution or both countries should sit and talk for a better solution.


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‘Say No To War’ Is Trending On Twitter, Both Indians And Pakistanis Are Now Asking For Peace

On 14th February, a Pakistani militant group, Jaish-e-Mohammed attacked a convoy carrying CRPF jawans. Over 44 jawans were martyred in the incident, which left the country in a state of mourning.

The IAF avenged the Pulwama tragedy yesterday, by crossing the LoC and bombing the JeM and LeT training camps across the border. In 19 minutes, the training camps had been completely obliterated.

You would think that this would have ended the hostilities between the two nations, but clearly, this was only the beginning.News reports of aerial engagements have been flooding in, and currently, we are aware that Pakistan has taken down one of India’s fighter jets. One pilot, Abhinandan, is missing in action.

War mongers and keyboard warriors on social media have been demanding war on Pakistan. But most are failing to realise the actual cost of war. One country cannot simply declare war on the other.

However, as these tensions keep mounting between India and Pakistan, civilians in both nations are scared for their lives and would do anything to call a truce.

Soon after news of combat started flowing in, “#SayNoToWar” began trending on Twitter. Not just Indians, but even Pakistanis have been tweeting the same.

Check it out here:














What is your take on this?


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IAF Beats PAF On Google Too As Pakistanis Searched Indian Air Force More Than Pakistan Air Force

On Tuesday, Indian Air Force avenged the Pulwama tragedy by crossing the Line of Control and dropping bombs on the JeM and LeT camps across the border in Pakistan.

This attack came in the wee hours of the morning and took Pakistani Defence by surprise. In fact, they did try to retaliate but could not do so because of the sheer size of the Indian formation.

After news of this strike reached the Pakistanis, a large number of them began to frantically Google about the Indian Air Force. Terms like Indian Air Force, Indian Armed Forces or Indian Army began trending in Pakistan.

As a matter of fact, throughout Tuesday, more Pakistanis looked up the Indian Air Force than they did the Pakistani Air Force. This was revealed in a search analysis.

In fact, the same analytics team compared the search results with terms like Pakistan Defence, Pakistan Army and such topics. However, as it turns out, people in Pakistan were more eager to find out about the Indian Army and Air Force.

The same research also revealed that surgical strike was the most commonly googled term in India. However, in Pakistan, Balakot remained the most searched term.

Wow. Does this mean that Pakistanis are so impressed with the IAF, that they’re least interested about the PAF?


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Pakistani Air Force Claims To Have Taken Down IAF Jet, Releases Video Of The Missing Pilot

On Tuesday, Indian Air Forces crossed the Line of Control and dropped over 1000 kg of explosives over the largest JeM camps across borders. After 1971, this is the first time India crossed the borders to strike Pakistan.

However, Pakistan had warned after the incident, that they would retaliate in a manner not anticipated by the Indian army. Now Pakistan claims to have taken down two Indian fighter jets, and captured two of our pilots.

Spokesperson for the Pakistani army, Major General Asif Ghafoor, tweeted the same and claimed that two pilots had been taken into custody while one of them was hospitalized.

Now, a Twitter handle by the name of Radio Pakistan, has shared a video of an Indian pilot in custody. The man identifies himself as a flying pilot named Abhinandan.

The man mentions that his service number is 27981 and that he is a Hindu. He also seems to be gravely injured, although it is difficult to know for sure.

This is the video that has been circulating on the internet. The credibility of the video is being verified by the Government:

The video shows the pilot asking questions about his captors, but to no avail. However, the video does ascertain that he is with the Pakistani army.

According to reports, IAF pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan had taken off in a MiG 21 Bison jet. An aerial engagement ensued, and PAF took down a MiG 21 Bison. The government has confirmed that one pilot is missing in action.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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10 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Luka Chuppi’ First Day, First Show

Ever since the trailer for the Kartik Aaryan – Kriti Sanon starrer film, Luka Chuppi, came out, we’ve been swooning over their oh-so-perfect jodi!

I mean, come on, a couple in a live in relationship in India! What could be more entertaining than that?

But through epic comic timing and a sizzling chemistry, Kriti and Karthik actually manage to highlight the difficulties that couples in such unconventional set-ups have to face.

Without further ado, here are 10 reasons why you cannot miss the first day first show of Luka Chuppi:

1. Kartik Aaryan is the knight in shining armour every girl dreams of

It’s Kartik Aaryan, girls. If Sara Ali Khan can go on record to say that she wants to date him, it’s okay to admit that you have a major crush on him!

2. Kriti Sanon is the girlfriend you’ve always wanted

Kriti is cute and a dazzling diva, all in one! She is beauty with brains, and her character mirrors the same. How could you not want her?

3. A sizzling on screen chemistry and the cutest romance ever

This may be the first time Kartik and Kriti are working together, but their on screen chemistry rocks, based on what we can make out from the trailer!

4. They’re in a messy live in relationship. Need we say more?

Live in relationships? In India? Aunties might just have a heart attack at the mere thought of it. So what happens, when Kriti and Kartik are forced to live in? We can’t wait to see the drama that ensues.

5. Oodles and oodles of family drama!

Living in with your boyfriend is one thing. In fact, it sounds quite romantic, right? But what about living in with your boyfriend’s parents as well? Wonder what Kriti has to say about that.

6. Stereotypes? What’s that?

This is probably the first of its kind, given that live in relationships are taboo in India. But this film takes a hilarious, fresh, new approach to the whole concept.

7. Pankaj Tripathi, guys!!!

Oh come on. How can you not want to see Pankaj ji’s magic on the silver screen? After excellent performances in Bareilly Ki Barfi and Newton, we can only imagine what he has in store for us.

8. The film promises to be a laughter riot

The trailer already has us in splits. I am sure the film will be a laughter riot, and we’ll be rolling on the floor by the end of it!

9. A mind-blowing soundtrack

With Sachin-Jigar behind the film’s soundtrack, you can rest assured. You’re certainly in for a treat.

10. Crazy, messy rom-coms? We’re totally down for that!

If you’re anything like me, you love the messy rom-coms depicting tumultuous modern day relationships. And that is just what Luka Chuppi does.

If you’ve missed the trailer, here goes:

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The film releases on March 1st, we can’t wait. Can you?


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Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan Breaks Her Silence On IAF’s Air Strike Across LoC

In one of the most condemning act of the decade, more than forty of our CRPF jawans lost their lives. In the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir a car full of 350 kg of explosives rammed into the CRPF convoy, leaving devastation all over.

Tears were unstoppable and anger filled our nation, when the day of love turned into a day of outrage and terrorism stepped in. Pakistan based militant group Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) claimed responsibility in a video that went viral.

This pain was unbearable as many families lost their everything. The entire nation was heartbroken but deep down knew that revenge should be taken. People wanted war, they demanded another surgical strike. They were stunned by this despicable move of cowardice.

Not more than twelve days after the Pulwama incident our Indian Air Force (IEF) carried out major air strikes over the Line of Control (LOC). They crossed LOC on Tuesday at 3.30 in the morning and dropped 1,000 kg bombs on terror camps and launch pads.

Our 12 Mirage 2000 fighter jets successfully carried out this mission of wiping the terrorists in Balakot. Indian Air Force dropped laser guided bombs destroying control rooms of the JeM. Terror camps of Hizbul Mujahideen and Laskar-e-Taiba was also demolished.

Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale confirmed that this air strike was necessary as JeM was already attempting attacks on our nation. Even Bollywood actors like Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar strongly supported this prompt action and showed their support.

But as we all know Pakistan tried to downplay this severe action and retorted retaliation. They even warned that India has crossed the line which they shouldn’t have. But the family members of Pulwama martyrs and our entire nation felt proud of this news.

In this critical time when war is eminent as the growing tension just wouldn’t stop, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, who was in the Bollywood film Raees and Mawra Hocane tweeted against this air strike.




So, what is your opinion on this?


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Pakistan Fights Back After IAF Carried Out Air Strike Across LoC By Violating Indian Air Space

On Tuesday, Indian Air Force avenged the Pulwama tragedy by crossing the Line of Control and bombing the Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Toiba training camps in Balakot.

In the successful precision strike which lasted roughly 19 minutes, the biggest training camps of the terrorist groups were completely demolished, and left Pakistani Defence spellbound and unable to retaliate.

Soon after, a spokesperson from the Pakistan army made it clear that Pakistan would not accept defeat. In fact, they would retaliate in a sudden and different way.

On Wednesday, Pakistani jets violated the Indian Air Space and dropped bombs on their way out. The jets entered through the Nowshera region in the Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir.

On Tuesday night, the Indian army had retaliated to firing from Pakistani troops from across the border and had completely destroyed 5 posts belonging to Pakistan. According to reports, this had led to several casualties as well.

However, Indian jets had been on high alert since the strike yesterday, and were patrolling these vulnerable regions. Once the Pakistani jets entered Indian air space, they were pushed back.

Pakistan is clearly still recovering from the sudden and unprecedented strike by the IAF, and is desperate to counter any further such strikes. However, India has also specified that it does want any escalation post the air strikes.

Updates are still pouring in, stay tuned for more details.


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This Man Sold Apple Shares For Just 800 Dollars, This Is How Much These Shares Are Worth Now.

Everyone around the nation is quite aware that how Apple not only as a financial ecosystem but also a gigantic company has grown over the past decades.Last year they even hit the historic market move pf $1 trillion.

By hitting $1 trillion as their market capital value, Apple created history by becoming the first U.S company, trading publicly to even achieve that. The stock reached $207.05 per share and reached the $1 trillion mark.

Now, many of us are quite afraid that how risky businesses are, how they can sink and bring loss and soon bankruptcy will not be that far. This fear often restrains us to make a move which is not that secure.

If you look at the founding partnership agreement of Apple, you’ll see signatures by three people. It was signed by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976.

Yes, Ronald Wayne is that very little known third co founder of the giant, Apple. He joined them to provide and support them with mature supervision and expert guidance on the mechanical engineering. This was done with ten percent business shares.

Wayne drafted official documents and on 1st April, 1976 he made his partnership official and even designed the company’s first logo. But it was later replaced by the logo we see now.

Wayne became concerned when Jobs took a $15,000 loan to fulfill the contract of around 100 computers with The Byte Shop, who is known for not paying bills on time. He got afraid that this financial loss will be on him, personally.

So after spending almost two weeks he withdrew himself from the company’s official contract and sold his shares to Jobs and Wozniak for $800. He was an electronics industry worker who teamed up with two broke young lads who wanted to make it big and was ready to thrive.

He was scared as he already lost some money previously in another failed business. Life of a founder is not easy, it requires strength and that immense mental ability to sustain the difficulties while aiming for the heights.

Now, his 10 percent would have been a whooping $95 billion and he would have been the richest man too. But now he confessed that he has no regrets. He said he was 40 back then and they were in their 20s, so surviving with them was a challenge.

he had the original contract with him, which he sold for $500 and that same went in for auction at $1.59 million.
So, isn’t this a very interesting trivia about one of the most popular company we all know about?


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A War Between India & Pakistan? Here’s Why Pakistan Cannot Go To War With India

After the Pakistani militant group, Jaish-e-Mohammed, rammed a car full of explosives into a convoy carrying CRPF jawans, Indians have been filled with a lust for war.

Over the past few days, social media has been fraught with posts demanding war and war mongers stating that completely obliterating Pakistan and its army is the only way to defeat the country.

However, one must realize, that declaring war on a nation is not as easy as it seems.

The last time India and Pakistan went to war was in 1999, the Kargil War. But what was even greater than the war were its casualties, the collateral damage. As many experts have stated, neither country is stable enough to wage a war.

Pakistan, even more than India.

On Tuesday, India avenged the Pulwama tragedy by launching a precision strike on the JeM training camps across the LoC. This was a surprise mission, and Pakistan has been left scathing since.

The Pakistani Defence has also warned India that Pakistan will respond to the strike in a different way. But is going to war on their cards? Can they even afford to do so?

Here are some reasons why Pakistan really cannot afford to go to war with India as of now:

Both countries have nuclear weapons, but India, as a country is stronger as far as weapons and arsenal is concerned. Pakistani chief Pervez Musharraf had himself admitted that if Pakistan struck India with nuclear bombs, India could retaliate with more such weapons.

India’s air force is also stronger than that of Pakistan, with more personnel and more weapons. Moreover, our ammunition and fighter jets are more modernized and better equipped for combat.

Another factor that must be mentioned here is the fact that India has stronger diplomatic ties with the rest of the world, including USA, unlike Pakistan. Around the world, Pakistan is deemed to be a country which provides refuge to terrorists. This has led to severance of ties with several nations.

India’s track record as far as war with Pakistan is concerned is also commendable. India has waged war against Pakistan in 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999. From the surrender of 93,000 Pakistani soldiers to the Kargil War, India has been undefeated.

Most importantly, Pakistan as a nation has largely relied on exports and trade with India to sustain itself. On its own, Pakistan is economically and financially unstable, which makes conditions unsuitable for war.

What are your views on this? Share with us!


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